carl oh lounge session at fogaskert 2013.07.22.

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carl oh - mindenFEEL - 2013.01.24.


01. Cadik: El Toro /Allsoundz
02. Cadik: Vamos Palika! /Allsoundz
03. Phantom: Kisses
04, Poolside: Magic Table
05. Donald Byrd: Wind Parade (King Most Re-Edit)
06. Bagheera: Thief /Plik & Plok
07. Acid Harbour: Long Result /Plik & Plok
08. Loki Laredo: All That
09. Maribou State: Scarlett Groove (Llesca Remix)
10. Major Lazer: Get Free (Adriatique Remix)
11. The Sixth Avenue Express: The Shame
12. Thomass Jackson: We Love The Sound (Disco Selectors Remix) /Legendary Sound Design
13. Thomass Jackson: Say It Good /Legendary Sound Design
14. Lee Webster: J-Lo (I Wanna Put My Dick In Your Mouth)
15. Nigel One: If We Make It Grow /Darker Than Wax)
16. Jacksun Fear: USSR
17. Jackmaster Farley Funk: Love Cant Turn Around (Dub Mix) /London Records
18. Double Dee ft. Dany: Found Love (Dub) /Onizom Music
19. Alkalino: What You Are Doing To Me (Edit)
20. Lancelot: Higher Ground /Caveman
21. Hot Hot Hawk: Atlanta Skyline /Plik & Plok
22. Kimberly Balls: Hard Times
23. Triangle Sun: So Beautiful (Olej Remix)
24. José Vasquez: Ozone
25. Alex Mulmig: Jakaranda
26. Cosa Nostra: Spectre
27. Disclosure: Ternderly (Flashback 1994 Remix)
28. Loose Joints: It’s All Over My Face (Edit)
29. Stereodiskoe: Woman in Love

carl oh - mindenFEEL - 2012.12.13.


01. Cimmerons: Street Walk (Sensus Soul Edit)
02. Tammy Payne: Do You Feel Like I Do (Jazzy Feel Dub)
03. Pet Shop Boys: Love Comes Quickly (Alkalino Edit)
04. Magic Touch: When I See You
05. Tugboat Edits: Change Your Heart (TZ Gimmeback Edit)
06. Alexander O’Neal: Criticize (Shit Hot Sound System Edit)
07. Heko: Animal (Wildstyle Version)
08. R U Ready (Edit)
09. Cut Copy: A Dream (TZ Disco Mix)
10. Swimwear: Nowhere to Run (Edit)
11. Emilie Nana: September 10th (Alkalino Edit)
12. Raw Silk: Do It to the Music (Stereodiskoe Edit)
13. Richard Rossa: Conga Drive
14. Stereodiskoe: The Love
15. George Duke: Shine On (The Shynthe Tigers Edit)
16. Sixth Avenue Express: The Age of Time
17. Lady Blacktronica: What House Is
18. River Ocean: Conga Drums
19. Moodymann: Music People
20. Terrence Parker: You Can Do It
21. Dinosaur L: Go Bang!
22. Hot22: That’s The Groove
23. Yukihiro Fukutmi: The Tambourine
24. Buscemi: Feliz Viajhe
25. MJ Cole: Sincere (Naked Music Remix)
26. Russ Gabriel: The Crossing (Afro Dub Mix)

carl oh at toldi lounge 2012.12.03


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carl oh - mindenFEEL - 2012.12.06.


01. Teddy Pendergrass: Love TKO (Carl Oh Edit)
02. Robert Troutman: I Want To Be Your Man (P Funk Love Mix)
03. Incognito: Capricorn Sun (EP Soulbeat Mix)
04. Diana Ross: Upside Down (Edit)
05. Zimmer: Cruisin
06. Fabian: Heatwave (2aT Remix)
07. Aliciy Myers: I Wanna Thank You (Alkalino Edit)
08. Enkae: La Belle Langue
09. Cuetec: Letter By Letter
10. Lee Webster: Frntn
11. A Charge To Keep I Have (Karim Dope Beats Dub)
12. Eyan: She Left In A Mood
13. King Pleasure Beat: Sultans of Swing
14. St Germain: Sentimental Mood
15. Télépopmusic: Love Can Damage Your Health (Sascha Funke’s Sorry For ‘82 Mix)
16. J Cub: Ethymology (Nicolas’ Underground House Mix)
17. Sixth Avenue Express: You
18. Dance Freak: The Prayer (Original Gospel Mix)
19. Michael Moog: That Sound
20. Tiga & Zyntherius: Sunglasses At Night
21. Maxxi Sound System: Criticize
22. Michael Jackson: Remember The Time (Remix)
23. Pig Hair: Ying Tong
24. Distrupted Project: 1,2
25. STL: Loop 1-4
26. Rhythm & Sound: Roll Off

carl oh - mindenFEEL - 2012.11.29.


01. Carl Oh: Cut 1
02. Marvin Gaye: What Is Goin On (Bonus Beats)
03. Maribou State: Scarlett Groove (Llesca Remix)
04. Le Nonsense: Eos (Original Mix)
05. The Owl: The Way You Look
06. Tim Zawada: Don’t Send Me Away Remix
07. Evan Michael: Come Around
08. Loleatta Holloway: Seconds (Deep & Disco Edit)
09. Next: Too Close (Soulpersona Edit)
10. Isaac Tichauer: I Forgive
11. A Guy Called Gerald: Voodoo Ray (Generic People Fix-Up)
12. Inner City: Let It Reign (Altenate Altern 8 Mix)
13. Blacksmith: Get Back To Love (Blaze Club Mix)
14. D Mob: C’Mon And Get My Love (Keys To My Love Mix)
15. People: Make Me Nervous
16. MAW: Lean On Me
17. George Benson: Song For My Brother (MAW Mix)
18. Coxless Pair: Insight (Sub-Conscious Mix)
19. Morning Kids: Free Lovin’
20. dimitri From Tokyo: Don’t Hold Back (Your Love)
21. M People: Angel Street (Joey Negro Disco Mix)
22. Sylvester: I Need You (Dim’s Maxi Disco Blend)
23. Cerrone ft, Jocelyn Brown: Hooked On You (Oldschool of Disco Mix)
24. Tortures Soul: Enjoy it Now (123 Extended)
25. Alex Gopher: The Child (Kenny Dope Bonus Beats)
26. Solu Music Ft. Kimblee: Fade
27. Deep Dish ft. EBTG: Future of the Future
28. Bill McKenzy: Boltimoore (JiHoo’s Original Bootmix)
29. SoulPhiction: Sonnenberg

carl oh live at toldi lounge/toldi klub 2012.10.15

Yepp. i dj there on mondays and tuesdays


sorry no tracklistings

carl oh - mindenFEEL - 2012.10.11.

01. Yvette Michelle-everyday and everynight.(carl oh’s dawn mix)
02. Poolside: Do You Beleive (Leroc Sportif Edit)
03. Cuetec: She Can’t Love
04. Satin Jackets: Could You Be Slomo
05. Ikenga: Stress
06. Mr. Laz: Nectar Future
07. Paduraru: Loungebient (Olej Remix)
08. Webster Lewis: The Love You Give to Me (78s Dub Mix)
09. Fleet Foxes: Quiet Houses (byDesign Edit)
10. Sohest: Crawler
11. Anon: Jungle Rag
12. Matthew Kyle: Fade
13. MK Ultra: Modest Horns
14. Odyssey: Hang Together (Keep Schtum Edit)
15. Lee Webster: Make Me Wet
16. Pulp Disco & The Outcastsmini (Estasi Dell Amore)
17. Small Pyramids: I Want Blood (Goldroom Remix)
18. Toby Tobias: Tomorrow Bringin’ (Dub)
19. The Legendary 1979 Orchestra: Burning (Oh Baby)
20. Gaelle: Shape Shifting (Leroc Sportif Edit)
21. JKriv & Lou Teti: Elisco (Alphabet City Piano Mix)
22. Donald Byrd & The 125th Street NYC: Love Has Come Around (Deep&Disco Edit)
23. Munga: Makin Me Hot
24 .Arthur Adams: You Got The Floor (Matthew Kyle Edit)
25. Andrei: Let’s Go Raw
26. Juveline Deliquency: Try My Love
27. Testarossa: Tough Life

carl oh - mindenFEEL - 2012.10.04.


01. Jorge Ben - Quem Foi Que Roubou A Sopeira De Porcelana Chinesa Que A Vovó Ganhou Da Baronesa? (Carl Oh Beats)
02. Eclectic Sound: Bicycles (Original Mix)
03. Doko: It’s My House
04. Yvette Michelle: Every Night and Every Day (Carl Oh’s Downbeat Mix)
05. Inner City: Whatcha Gonna Doin’ With My Lovin’ (Def Mix)
06. Bill Withers: The Same Love (Whiskey Baron’s Edit)
07. Tony Betties: You and I (Isaac Tichauer Remix)
08. The Sixth Avenue Express: The Shame
09. Blue Azure: Sets of Seven feat. Chromeo (Chris Jykkle Remix)
10. Odyssey: Inside Out (Soulpersona Edit)
11. Contrari: A Fish of my Dreams (Olej Remix)
12. The Metaphysica: Somebody Else’s Beat
13. Maxxi Sound System: His Hat Was His Home
14. Blue Train: All I Need Is You (Sherwood Dub)
15. Valerie Still: Let Me Feel Your Rhythm (After Hour Mix)
16. Homework: Raw Groove
17. Dj Genesis: Tonight
18. Modjo: What I Mean (Ian Pooley Mix)
19. Caddilac: Thats The Groove
20. Stupid Beats: Flashlove
21. Carmona and Plade: Kings of Mambo
22. Akabu Feat Linda Clifford: Ride The Storm (Stereodiskoe Edit)
23. Jupiter: Juicy Luicy (Little Boots Dub)
24. Layo And Bushwacka feat. Kim Ann Foxmann: You Can’t Hurt Me
25. Dirt Crew: Sweeter
26. Leo Zero: Fuzzy Bear
27. Beerlover: Chopp (Le Nonsense Remix)
28. Treasure Fingers: Take My Hands (Le Nonsense Remix)
29. Monkeyneck: She’s On Her Way

carl oh - mindenFEEL - 2012.09.27.


01. Cabaret Voltaire: What is Real (Virtual Reality Remix)
02. Vanilla Essence
03. Phaeleh: For You
04. M People: Angel St (Joey Negro’s Funky People Dub)
05. The Establishment: Love Like This
06. Borrowed Identity: Je T’Aime
07. Dent-I-Kit: Hard Core
08. D Mob ft Cathy Dennis: C’Mon and Get My Love (Keys to My Love Mix)
09. Pleasure: Joyous (Ravi Re-Edit)
10. Shakatak: Down on the Street (Ken@Work Remix)
11. Janca: The Hobo Way
12. Presslaboys: Saxophony (El Mariachi Re-Edit)
13. Lee Webster: Eloquence

carl oh - mindenFEEL - 2012.09.20.


01. Alkalino: Luv Chant
02. Eyan: The Mourning Run
03. Al Kent: All The Way
04. Tortured Soul: Enjoy it Now (Dim’s Re Edit)
05. D*Note: Lost And Found (Danny Tenaglia’s Life in Twilo Dub)
06. Andi De Luxe: Juicy Rain
07. Razor’N'Tape: Handle It (Jkriv Edit)
08. Switchblade Sisters: U Love My Music?
09. Change: Hold Tight (Matthew Kyle Remix)
10. ICR: She Leaves
11. Rolla Scape: Super Car (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
12. Theo Vaness: Love Me Now (The Noodleman Edit)
13. Toro Y Moi: Still Sounds (ICR Remix)

herman prime live at mindenFEEL, tilos radio 2012.09.06


01. Elbee Band: Just Don’t Stop the Dance
02. Herman Prime: Dervish Disco
03 Rah Band - Messages From Stars
04 Sly and Robbie - Billie Jean
05 Shina Williams and his African Percussions - Agboju Logun
06 Floating Points - Peoples Potential
07 Omar - Lay It Down (Andre Lodemann remix)
08 Bjorn Torske - Limb Fu
09 Rydims - Nice and Slow
10 Rick Poppa Howard - I Won’t Lay Back
11 Colonel Abrams & Omar S - Who Wrote The Rules Of Love
12 Kenny Dope - Hitting The Bottle
13 Joe Bataan - The Bottle
14 Johnnydangerous -Emerald City (Dangerous Club Mix)
15 Kyodai - Breaking
16 Basement Jaxx - City People
17 Isolée - Beau Mot Plauge
18 Theo Parrish - STFU
19 Soundscape - Live Goes On
20 Jori Hulkkonen - Let Me Luv U (Demon’s Lemme Luv U Pussy Mix)
21 HNNY - For The Very First Time
22 Kerri Chandler pres. Tears Of Velva -The Way I Feel (4 Daye Club Mix)
23 Herman Prime - Boiling
24 Brooklyn Express - Sixty Nine
25 Idris Muhammad - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This